Recycling Services now offered from SEAM



What is SEAM?
SEAM stands for Secure Enterprise Asset Management, Inc. We are proud to have a name that truly reflects what we do. SEAM serves enterprise customers of all sizes to securely manage their IT assets at the end of their use, the end of their lease, or the end of their life. For a full description of what SEAM means, check out our new website at

What’s New?
We are excited to launch new services in addition to the certified recycling services you rely on:

  • Hard Drive and Media Shredding – Available on-site at your location or offsite at SEAM’s secure Sioux Falls facility.
  • Hard Drive Wiping – Great option for redeploying or reusing your drives.
  • Serial # and Detailed Asset Reporting – Our new proprietary tracking and reporting system follows your assets from the point of pickup through the rest of the process, letting us report the details back to you.
  • Online Customer Portal – Along with a new website, we have also invested in a new Customer Portal to let you have easy, 24×7 access to your reports when you need them.
  • Pickup and Recovery Services – Our professional team will come to your location, collect, pack and load all of your equipment for secure transport to our facility.
  • Collection Containers – We offer a variety of containers for you to conveniently collect your devices until they are ready to be picked up, from hard drive security carts to safe CFL bulb drums.
  • Refurbished Equipment – All of our refurbished inventory is now available online. We have kept the Bargain Bytes name for our online store, but our services and facility have taken on the new SEAM name to focus more on security and compliance. Clients may be NOW eligible for revenue sharing if their equipment is able to be resold.
  • Certified IT Recycling – We will continue to offer our certified electronics recycling services, along with a Certificate of Destruction and Recycling to keep for your records.

What Does this Mean for You?

You will see the new name and logo in our communications and on our building, but other than that, it’s business as usual. If you’re shopping for Bargain Bytes equipment, you can find all inventory online. If you have any questions on a new service or have a comment on the new name, contact SEAM or visit